Radka Teplanová


Hi runners and not yet runners,


My name is Radka and I love writing and deleting my writing and writing again about whatever I can think of. I enjoy talking, laughing out loud, dancing at bus stops, self-educating and telling weird jokes that nobody understands.


In my opinion, a sport is an activity that definitely belongs to everybody's life. Walking is also sport, no? :-) I get motivated by the sport and new ideas out of each workout. It puts me in a good mood when I get bent out of shape or take my energy away when I feel too excited.


I run 1/2 marathons. I totally fell for it. Warning: It can be addicting! But mostly I enjoy living! 


I was thinking why I don't connect blogging with my hobby?


Don't run just because it's IN or because you would like to have skinny legs which is, by the way, the exact opposite if the run becomes a daily part of your life. Paint, sing or play chess. It does not matter what you do as long as it makes you happy and as long as you are living your life properly.


When we work, we often forget about our hobbies and we become unsatisfied in a short term. I always get totally involved at work. My field is something between campaign and project manager. But I never forget about myself and what I love anymore.


Easy to say? Well, I would not have started a blog if I hadn't an experience of frustration at work caused by getting overwhelmed by tasks, working 12 hours a day, eating fast food lunch at my desk and watching Netflix after work with a pizza and beer in my hands. All of that was my choice.


The good news! Finally, I know how to balance work and personal life properly.


What else about me?


I enjoy meeting new people. Those who meet you and ask ,, Hello, what's your story?" Cool! This is the question you should ask. How are you? Seriously? That's just a polite question and I don't like it.


My story began in August 2017 when my mom passed away. Mom was my closest family, best friend, psychologist. All in one. It cost me self-denial, trillions of tears and some friends. At that time I was offered a job which meant a significant move in my career. I refused the position, left the company and started making my dreams come true. I have started to run competitions in the Czech Republic and abroad, I have started blogging, moved to Spain to learn another language, became a member of Asics FrontRunner team. 


What's great?


At last, I understand the sentence that I have been told million times last year and which I hated the most.


,,You will become much stronger than you are!"


The sentence applies on you as well! :-) Each person copes with the life experiences in a different way. Nothing is right or wrong. Remember! We can get through anything!


And what is your story?


How did you start running? Share it with me by e-mail below. I am looking forward to knowing more about you! :-)


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