Happiness is cure to everything

February 15, 2018

You would be horrified if you knew me last year. Workaholic working overtimes coming home at 8 pm every day and turning on a movie on Netflix straight on while waiting for pizza to be delivered. Sport? It was swear word for me that time. How could I possibly work out if I was sooo exhausted every day!


They say we do not meet people accidentally and that things happen for a reason. I believe that now.


1,5 year ago while heading to my office, I met a longtime friend at my work. I could not believe that it was him! The guy I was in love with 3 years ago during my Erasmus stay in Estonia was walking the corridor at my work! What a surprise! I immediately remembered how we totally clicked together. We were both crazy doing any sport. We spent every moment running together- morning run, afternoon run, any run…


I think we were both shocked that we met there. “Radu, what happened to you?” was his first question. I looked dreadful – work was all I was doing, no sports and lots of stress. So, we discussed how our lifestyles changed. I almost forgot how much I loved running and I started to miss it. Willy-nilly my life needed a great change! I decided that my workaholic part must


go and that I must start to run again. Thanks to meeting him, I realized that I was not happy, that ambitious workaholic part of me was not OK. Next day, I started to run again.

It felt so good! After couple of weeks, I registered to 5km race, then 10 km race and on top of that I was running ½ Marathon in June 2017. Beautiful memories. . . And the atmosphere in these races? Omg! I cannot wait for the next one!


My life completely changed thanks to the lovely reunion 1,5 years ago. I feel great again and also grateful for life, for being able to run and for living happy life. It feels like I am doing everything right. I feel happy because my mind, body and soul is balanced.


And what is the point of this article?


It does not matter whether you run, sing or read books at your free time. Do whatever suits you best as long as you are happy. Stop waiting for the beginning of the new week to start with the hobby you love. Do it right now! Because the feeling of happiness is priceless!
(I have experienced myself)


Find your passion and be happy! :-)



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